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Free – the blog from the region available as an app!The best stories from urban and rural areas. To read along and join in. About Brunswick, Gifhorn, Goslar, Helmstedt, Peine, Salzgitter, Wolfenbüttel and Wolfsburg.
THIS IS DIE REGIONWhere meet wild mountains and country idyll out of a picture book on metropolitan flair? Where shake the best researchers, global enterprise and innovation-packed medium-sized companies hands? Who has museums, their collections the world is envious? And a chirpy subculture that makes cities jealous? We do. In a region where literally lives the future in.
FROM GOSLAR TO GIFHORNRight in the middle of Germany and in the center of the new Europe build the cities and counties Brunswick, Gifhorn, Goslar, Helmstedt, Peine, Salzgitter, Wolfenbüttel and Wolfsburg the region. The area covers the northern Harz, the Harzvorland, eastern Lower Saxony and in the north the Südheide.
WE SHOW WHAT WE GOTNot only one of the highest rates of value added in the country or leading positions in the number of engineers and patents. Envious makes passion, quality of life and satisfaction of local people as well.
WHO WE AREIn the online magazine gather writers and bloggers, our Regionäre, everyday surprising facts and the best stories out of town and country. This is for the people here in the region and the whole nation.
JOIN USAnd we invite everyone to participate: Be there, discuss and laugh with us on Facebook and share the beauty of our region with the world on Instagram. You can also get in touch with us, if you want to write there as a blogger and want to be a Regionär. Not only the benefits, also the people are the ones who create our region to what it is.